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Central Systems - Panasonic & AVAYA

Avaya IP office
It is aconverged communication solution that uses both voice and IP technology to deliver intelligent whays for you to reduce cost, increase productivity, and improve customer service for your business

• the avaya enterprise survivable server (ESS) solution allows a business to have greater flexibilty of consolidation by providing new survivabilty options.
• Redundant, survivable call and processing redundant, survivable call and processing.
• Distributed, survivable IP networking supports campus, global multi-site, ana branch environments
• Centralized call processing distributed across multi-protocol networks support A highly diversifed network architecture
• Multiple server option, including integrated or stand-alone configuration, based on processing capabilties
• Messaging integration with the avaya aura communi-cation managing embedded in the avaya S8300 and S8400 servers